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DMC Metal 4 mm Crimping Tools - AF8 M22520/1-01

DMC Metal 4 mm Crimping Tools - AF8 M22520/1-01



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AF8 M22520/1-01

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Product Description


M22520/1-01 The AF8® accommodates 12 - 26 AWG wire range The AF8 is qualified to MIL-DTL-22520/1 and AS22520/1 The AF8 is compatible with DMC® single and multiple position turret head Daniels Manufacturing Corporations® AF8® is qualified to MIL-DTL-22520/1* and AS22520/1* and has virtually limitless application within the specified wire range of 12 through 26 AWG. Over a thousand turret heads are available to adapt the tool frame to your specific military or proprietary contact/wire combination. The 8 impression crimp, which is standard in the AF8, assures absolute maximum tensile strength with almost every closed barrel contact. Special indent configurations and gaging are available upon request. For proper operation, the tool must be mated with one of the following optional accessories: a military standard or non-military turret head (TH-XXX Part No. Series), a military standard or non-military positioner (TP-XXX Part No. Series), or an adjustable head (Part No. UH2-5). This is done simply by orienting the head in the keyed position, and by tightening the hex socket screws provided as part of the head. The precision ratchet controls the cycling of the tool in both directions of handle movement. This assures the same accurate crimp every time. It's like having a quality control inspector at every workstation. Positive crimp depth is controlled by an 8-position selector knob conveniently located on the tool frame. The operator simply dials the desired step for the wire being used. This setting can be secured by the use of a locking pin or safety wire. A permanent data plate is affixed to all turret heads and positioners. This plate lists specific contact part numbers, the corresponding position color code (for 3 position turret heads), and suggested selector depth settings for the wire size being used. The AF8 is approximately 9.75" x 2.5" x 1.25" and weighs 15 oz.

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