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EA-PS 10000


EA-10000 Series

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  • Yes to more choice with over 180 DC power supplies and electronic loads: programmable, bidirectional, regenerative

  • Yes to extended power ranges:From 600 W up to 30 kW programmable output power, from 6 A up to 1000 A output current, and from 10 V up to 2000 V output voltage

  • Yes to energy recovery greater than 96 % efficiency

  • Yes to safe parallel connection of up to 64 devices in the EA-Power Racks producing up to 1.92 MW

  • Yes to efficient applications test with true autoranging and integrated function generator

  • Yes to easy handling with uniform devices and many interfaces to PCs and PLCs

The EA-10000 series offers an increased power range from 0 to 600 W up to 0 to 30 kW, output voltage from 0 to 10 V up to 0 to 2000 V and output current up to 1000 A.


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