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EA-PSB 10000 4U


PSB and PSB 10000

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The Bidirectional DC power supply with integrated, regenerative electronic load series EA-PSB 9000 and 10000 provides 15kW in 3U or 30kW in 4U chassis with up to 2000 VDC. This series easily parallels supplies for almost 1.92MW of power. All EA Elektro-Automatik DC power supplies and loads feature true autoranging and thus over additional operating ranges.

The lower the test voltage, the higher currents are possible. Likewise, higher voltages are available for lower currents. This means that a much wider range of test routines can be covered with a bidirectional DC power supply.


  • Autoranging

  • Color touch screen

  • 3-ways onboard Interface

Technical Specifications

  • Nominal power

  • Nominal voltage

  • Nominal current


  • Master-Slave-Bus for parallel connection

  • 19″ Full insertion

  • 3 U or 4 U housing

  • Analog and USB interface, further options retrofittable

  • Microprocessor (FPGA) controlled

  • Color touch panel

  • Internal resistance control

  • Battery test mode

  • Arbitrary generator & car startup curve

  • Optional: Digital, pluggable interface modules

  • SCPI and ModBus protocol

  • LabView VIs and control software


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